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"Our clients are extremely satisfied with our service"


Tanya Shumeiko

Marketing Manager

June 03, 2023
We have been working with Vikst for a while now and we’ve seen great results. Our ROAS is 6 now and the average ROAS before was two, so that’s triple what we had before. I like the members of this company, and they act proactive.Also, I don’t put time into creatives and copywriting anymore. Before we needed to hire a designer and copywriter to work for our previous agency. Now these guys take care of it.

Mohamed Alhanaee


Nov 16, 2022
5 starts isn’t high enough. Honestly, if it’s possible to give a higher rate than 5 stars we would. We have only been working with Viktor for a little over a month but we couldn’t be happier. Professional, clear and realistic about the expectations. Always bringing up new ideas to try to tackle hurdles we have with our e-marketing strategy. Professional Weekly performance reports. Sticks to the plans and deliver. Highly recommend working with Vikst!

Andrea Balcazar Jimenez

Marketing Manager

Jul 15, 2023
Vikst team has helped us in our eCommerce store growth through savvy strategies on social paid media in the GCC market. They’ve been able to achieve good results after only 3 months through an understanding of the audience behavior and tracking the campaigns in detail to optimize our budget. Therefore, I highly recommend them to other who are willing to explore their opportunities of growth for their eCommerce business.

Varsha Mohandas

Founder & Director

Oct 11, 2022
Highly recommends Viktor! Viktor helped us with our social media ad campaigns. During that time he was excellent at planning our campaigns to our tailored needs, great with feedbacks and follow-ups. He took the time to understand our business and always gave us timely updates on how the ads are progressing. Viktor is honest, consistent and hardworking, and we will highly recommend his services.

Yashkaran Bangera


Feb 11, 2023
As we all know, the ads recently have been a challenge for brands to crack and do the right way, but Viktor and his team helped us get through that obstacle. We have been working with him for about 6 months now, and we see the results in our ROAS. We have constant weekly communication about our campaigns, and it’s a pleasure to work and have our campaigns managed by Vikst. We truly recommend working with Viktor.

Maryam Sahem


May 07, 2024
Thanks to Vikst Marketing, Khayal Fine Jewelry has experienced a remarkable surge in sales and glowing feedback. Their expertise in crafting compelling ads has elevated our brand’s visibility and popularity to new heights. Vikst Marketing’s innovative strategies and unparalleled dedication have truly set them apart as the go-to agency for driving results in the competitive world of fine jewelry. We highly recommend Vikst Marketing to any brand seeking to make a significant impact in their industry.

Farah Y.


May 02, 2024
I’ve been working with Vikst for a year now. Been able to scale immensely and achieve at leat 7x ROAS. Recommend to any brand that wants to scale in the GCC.

Dragana Obradovic

Managing Director

Nov 09, 2023
Viktor and his team know exactly how to make things happen.
We started from scratch and right from the first month, we began seeing sales, and they’ve been on a steady uptick ever since. The team is sharp, proactive, and really understands how to amplify a brand’s presence. 

For anyone aiming to elevate their business, these are the experts you want in your corner. I’m thoroughly impressed with our growth since they’ve come on board.
Highly recommended for businesses ready to scale and see great results from the start!


Goodluck Igwe


Nov 07, 2023
It’s been fantastic to work with the team at Vikst. Because of the effort and work the team has done, we’ve now worked on multiple projects together. The results they generated from one of our stores, is why we’re now working with them on other stores also. The team has done a great job, and we’ve achieved great ROI with them.

Mohamed Eleish


Nov 05, 2023
We wholeheartedly recommend Vikst to anyone in search of a reliable and results-driven advertising partner on platforms like Google and Meta. We previously tried with other agencies in the past with mixed results but managed to significantly improve our performance to reach our goals for our business. Vikst’s exceptional team, led by Viktor, consistently delivers outstanding ROI and with great communication and weekly reports.

Alexandre Le Boucher

Marketing Manager

June 03, 2023
Viktor’s agency is very relevant and they know what they are talking about in terms of ads and email marketing.Thanks to their work, we’ve seen a direct impact on our sales. They’re professionals who don’t hesitate to make suggestions, and I can highly recommend them!

Haneen Ahmad


Nov 29, 2023
I have tried several marketing companies before, but my experience with Vikst was the best. We witnessed significant improvements in both sales and the quality of our customers. Viktor is highly professional, generous, and works with genuine passion. He has played a crucial role in helping me reach my target audience, leading to the acquisition of my ideal clients.

Anita Guliakina


Jan 27, 2023
We are working with Viktor for few months and he did big improvement of our results from Facebook ads! Now we are scaling up the budget and our sales are still consistent. We are planning to increase these figures in the future! It’s also a pleasure to work with Viktor as he is very responsible and professional and for us that’s very important when working with teams on a distance. We regret only the fact that we didn’t start with him earlier 🙂

Alamaldein Alalami


July 12, 2023
I really enjoy working with Vikst. They are always there, very patient, and come up with solutions. I can see that you guys care about what you are doing. This experience has been really nice. Right from communication, reliability, and providing solutions is perfect.

Tim Symon


May 31, 2022
Viktor approached us by sending us a well thought out, detailed video about how he thought he could help us improve our digital marketing (social media) strategy, and help us drive our online sales upward. Since working with Viktor he has taken our SM marketing forward, achieving great ROI and reducing our workload. Communication has been fantastic. Would definitely recommend Viktor’s services to anyone operating in this space.

Adel Salhi


Apr 26, 2023
Working with Viktor has been a pleasure, very prompt and excellent communication. He generated some great results during our project and very professional start to end.


Marketing Manager

June 15, 2023
I’ve worked with these guys for about six months, and it’s been fantastic. They always kept me in the loop with regular updates and reports. What impressed me was their creativity – always coming up with fresh ideas. In short, everything was spot on and worked perfectly for me. I really liked it.

Mohammed Alsalahi


Feb 25, 2024
We have an online beauty store, and partnering with Vikst Marketing has been a pivotal decision for us. Their expertise in managing our Meta ads has led to a noticeable increase in sales from the very first month. Their professionalism impresses us consistently with regular follow-ups, insightful weekly reports, and strategic advice. We are excited to continue this fruitful collaboration and eagerly anticipate further growth and success under their expert guidance. Can only highly recommend 🙂

Omar Osman


Nov 01, 2023
Improved Sales by more than 500% – Honestly I just want to say thank you to the team at Vikst from the bottom of my heart. Before working with Vikst, it was a quiet period for our business. Over the last 6 months we did the best numbers we’ve ever done. Period. It’s been a wonderful experience, and easy to communicate with the the team. It’s been easy to strategize and make changes. All I can say is that this company know’s what they’re doing. I definitely recommend them!

Jennifer Black


Nov 09, 2023
It has been amazing to work with Viktor and his team. We can definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a proactive growth partner

Jérôme Aupin


June 11, 2023
I am delighted with the services provided by Vikst. Their professionalism, dedication, and efficiency are outstanding. Thanks to their expertise, I have witnessed a significant improvement in my advertising performance. They have successfully targeted the right channels and optimized my campaigns. Moreover, their availability and responsiveness have been key factors in building my trust in their work. I highly recommend them to any business seeking impactful management of their online advertising campaigns!

Sam Fawaz

CEO & founder

Apr 25, 2022
Viktor is very professional to work with, always punctual with his updates and always delivered projects on time for us and communicated clearly regarding any issues arising. I have been very pleased with his services and would happily recommend him for similar work.

Melanie Edwards

CEO & founder

Oct 6, 2022
I am working with Viktor and have found it brilliant. He has restored my faith in digital marketing and the sales have been better than I thought possible. He is a good sort and knows his stuff around Facebook Ads for sure.

Fatima J.


Feb 17, 2024
The team at Vikst showed all means of professional practices in increasing my business sales. Business Sales increased by more than double. I reached last year’s profit in 4 months with Viktor’s marketing strategy. They keep changing strategies according to the customers’ behaviour. Moreover, they try their best to advice me in different aspects of business that leads to sales increase. I’m planning to continue working with them since I’m very pleased with the results.

Noor N.


Jan 12, 2024
Highly recommend working with Viktor and his team. We started from scratch on the ads and I remember receiving a sale within the first hour of running the ads. The sales have improved greatly in the past couple of months. The team is reliable and know what they are doing. The communication and feedback are great and overall I’m very pleased to have worked with them and with the results they helped me achieve. Thank you!

Erik Lorenz Petersen


May 20, 2022
Viktor has helped us tremendously with a SoMe campaign. Initially only to help us set it up. However, Viktor quickly became a valued strategic advisor in the planning of our SoMe campaigns. He is very reliable and always ready to help. We will use him again when the opportunity arises.

Rohit Jaggi

CEO & founder

May 1, 2022
Viktor doesn’t just tick the boxes when taking care of our paid media. He proactively tries to find ways to improve them and find what’s working and what doesn’t!

Shab Stafford

CEO & founder

Dec 2, 2022

The best decision I made for my business! I have a fashion e-commerce business and I understand giving control of your business which is like your baby to someone else even with 1000 positive reviews, is not easy and still risky, but I’m glad I took this risk! Having someone to take care of my marketing who knows what he is doing, is priceless! I finally have peace of mind and can focus on improving my business. In the first 3 weeks with Viktor we generated 30% of what I generated in 12 months before working with him! Insane!

Jaison Ben

CEO & founder

May 23, 2022
Great attitude and always proactive. I met Viktor through a video he sent me, talking about his plans to grow my online sales. I liked his proactive approach and soon we were working together. He is smart, knows his job well, and keeps tweaking the ad sets till they perform. His attitude is amazing and that sets him apart.

Irina Gryniv


Apr 4, 2022
I’m working with Viktor on long term project. I really like his professional way of communication, prompt response and weekly updates on what can be improved in terms of ads and marketing of my project.

Mohammed Noor


Mar 25, 2022
True leader! Viktor is a passionate, dedicated and highly engaging individual. Before even discussing our initial plan, Viktor did a complete analysis of our business, understood our market, and created tailored Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat ads. I used to receive weekly updates and discuss various marketing strategies to level up my business and achieve set goals. Already planning to collaborate with Viktor again with my upcoming projects.

Alaa Khier


May 7, 2022
Always great. I’ve been working with Viktor for a long time now and I will keep working with him! He is the best 🙂 I really like his professional way of communication, prompt response and weekly updates on what can be improved in terms of ads and marketing of my project. Viktor, you are the BEST!

Anja Perisic


May 13, 2022
Viktor is passionate about his work and is great at sharing this proactive energy. He is transparent and honest, and I am grateful for our cooperation. We have been working together since December 2021. He has handled all of our paid advertising and has made us hungry for more. He has a good business understanding and an excellent entrepreneurial attitude at the same time. A great asset to our team.

Ditte Thomsen

CEO & founder

Sep 13, 2022
Committed guy who shows up well prepared. He has familiarized himself with the company in advance and knows his stuff.

Susanne Kappel


Apr 25, 2022
Viktor is very professional, knows what he is talking about, and always answers quickly. Great knowledge and commitment. I can definitely recommend him for digital marketing services.
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